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Learn at your own pace, with
step-by-step instructions from
Audrey Grant and David Lindop.

Each lesson includes:

  • A pre-recorded presentation
  • Illustrative examples and quizzes
  • 12 instructional deals with complete analysis
  • A comprehensive handout

It’s an easy way to update your bidding, play, and defense, and strengthen your partnership understanding.

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Unique “learn and practice” format!

2022 Schedule:
Two-Suited Overcalls (February 22 or 23)
Fourth Suit Forcing (March 15 or 16)
Each daily program includes:
  • Two-hour lesson on Zoom
  • 12-board Duplicate Game on BBO with lesson topic
  • One-hour post-game review and analysis on Zoom
  • Live Q&A with Audrey and David
  • A link to the complete recording
  • A comprehensive handout

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Better Bridge

Interested in an explanation about a bridge terminology or a bridge convention? Check out what the world bridge has to offer.

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Improve your partnership understanding with the help of the convention card. Watch the tutorial from Audrey Grant and David Lindop on how to fill out the card.

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