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One of the expert panelists for a recent BRIDGE WORLD MASTER SOLVERS’ CLUB predicted that on one particular problem “not one of the experts would pass.” In fact, when the votes came in, four of the best players in the world actually passed, including Marty Bergen.
This inspired Danny Kleinman, Director of the Club, to make what he referred to as a long-overdue New Year’s Resolution:

“Do not predict the opinions of others!”





Chris Hadfield, retired astronaut, is encouraging us to make resolutions in his YouTube video titled “AN ASTRONAUT’S GUIDE TO OPTIMISM.” The video racked up over 200,000 views in only a short time. Hadfield comments: When thinking if you’re going to be optimistic this year, remember, nobody changes things alone.

It all starts with a resolution. What’s Yours?

His comments inspired me to work on finding a solution to one particular problem which I’m sure is harming both the growth and the enjoyment of the game for many players. The problem is that results of duplicate games are posted on the Internet and on Bulletin Boards, in bridge clubs and private clubs, first to last— although not necessarily in that order—with the actual names of the participants.



It doesn’t allow you to comfortably play anonymously at a club game the way you can on the Internet. There must be a solution for posting in a way that respects privacy.

If results were listed by table number only without the names, it would be a start. Let’s resolve to make privacy an option for all of us who would appreciate that choice.

If you have ideas about how to protect player privacy, contact:




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